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Year 11 Revision 

Attached is the advance information from the exam board (AQA)

Attached is the formula sheet (one for Higher & one for Foundation) which you will have access to in the exam

All pupils have been set several mathswatch tasks based on each of their three papers to work through as part of their revision

Pupils also are doing weekly mocks with targeted questions set by the exam board with a focus on topics from each paper. When these are marked and given back, pupils should look over the mark schemes and go through their papers, looking up any topics on either mathswatch or corbettmaths that they are struggling with


AQA GCSE 2022 Advance Info



Useful MFL Websites

  1.  (lots of games)

Username: bede1  password: 2824

  1. (grammar exercises)
  2. We are doing the AQA exam – but you may also wish to look at other exam boards for some extra practise. Remember these papers may be in s slightly different format and some topics may be slightly different – but they are still a way to listen and read at the appropriate level. EDEXCEL:            WJEC:
  3. French      
  4. French
  5. German       
  6. German
  7.  This website has SO much on it! You can practise listening, reading and learn lots of new French and German.  Take a screenshot like the one below whenever you get a quiz right and send them to us or tag us!



  1. A great app to download is Lyrics Training.  Its FREE and you can listen to 3 songs every 30 minutes which is more than enough, without paying any subscription.  You can use it to improve your French and German listening and it uses YouTube songs! You can select different genres, pop, rock, rap even Disney songs! There are all the current top 40 videos in here! If you use the karaoke setting, you can just read the lyrics and listen to the song, but if you just select beginner, intermediate or advanced, it removes words of the song and gives you a multiple choice to fill it in again. It’s amazing!
  2. Record yourself saying your speaking text answers and listen to them as often as you can.  You know hundreds of lyrics without even trying, so try to do the same with your answers! Use if you have them typed up!