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At St Bede’s we have a simple set of rules that our pupils adhere to on a day to day basis.

Ready, Respectful and Safe rules apply in all areas of school, including; lessons, break and lunch time.

These rules provide our school with a purposeful environment at all times, where pupils can work hard and enjoy their time in school.



will be awarded positive points via Class Charts. Points will be awarded on a
scale of either +1, +2 or +3.  A sample of positive behaviour awards can
be seen below:  

  • Good effort +1 
  • Outstanding effort +2 
  • Good homework +1 
  • Outstanding homework +2 
  • Good classwork +1 
  • Outstanding classwork +2 
  • Demonstrating values: love, faith, and hope +1 
  • Student of the Lesson +1 
  • Student of the Week + 2 
  • Attendance at an extracurricular activity +1 
  • Special award +3
  • 100% attendance – Half term + 3 

Positive behaviour points will be monitored on a regular basis and students will
receive recognition and rewards for their behaviour.  

are encouraged to check Class Charts on a regular basis. 


We operate a system in school that allows children to recognise when their behaviour is not acceptable and how they need to change to avoid getting into further trouble. This style of assertive 

and restorative discipline operates as follows: 


• behaviour is not in line with classroom expectations and a formal warning is given. 

• warn is logged on ClassCharts and 1 negative is given. 


• the student is continuing to disrupt the learning of others. 

• the Move is logged on ClassCharts and a further negative is given. 


• the student is still refusing to follow instructions. 

• they will be removed from the lesson and sent to another room, usually the curriculum leader’s. 

• they will return to their teacher at the end of the lesson and meet up at an appropriate time to talk through their behaviour. 

• the Remove is logged on ClassCharts and a further negative point is given. 

• the Curriculum Leader will meet with the student to discuss a way forward and the 

Head of Year will also speak to the student. Appropriate support will be put in place. 

3 negatives for behaviour in a week results in an automatic Middle Leaders after school detention on a Thursday. 

An SLT On Call can supersede the above when a student’s behaviour prevents the lesson from continuing. An SLT On Call is generally used for persistent disruption, offensive, argumentative or threatening behaviour. SLT On Call should also be used separately to the Warn, Move, Remove process. They are used for one off incidents that stop the lesson and mean a teacher is unable to continue without the support of senior colleagues. 


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