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The GRITTY summer school was a great opportunity for pupils in Year 6 to be introduced to St Bede’s school.  The weather was fantastic and the Year 6 pupils were able to spend time with new friends, develop an understanding of GRITTY skills and become familiar with their new school environment. During the week, the students enjoyed many fun activities that involved project-based learning in Maths, Science and English.  These included CSI forensic science, bridge building, rocket building, speech writing, Maths escape room, problem solving, and Iodine clocks.

Pupils from Year 7, 8 and 9 also attended the GRITTY summer school.

There were also daily enrichment activities that included, building eco/sustainable bee hotels, GRITTY Artwork, Music and Drama sessions, remote control buggy challenge, Go-Kart racing, Soft Archery and Nerf Tin Can Alley, PE games and the very popular inflatable assault course.

Pupil Comments

What have you learnt about GRITTY this week?


  • What it means and stands for – Ryan
  • To be independent – Olivia
  • Not to give up, keep trying and be motivated – Nuala
  • That you can achieve them during the week and I will – Jose
  • That I shouldn’t give up and be resilient – Jessica
  • I have learned that independence is when you do something on your own without help – Emily
  • The GRITTY skill gives a good development mindset – Vincent
  • Limpets/Scallops are tenacious- Charlotte
  • I like the G in GRITTY because it stands for growth mindset! – Oliver
  • Limpets are tenacious- Kate and  Emma
  • I learnt how to make a paper mache volcano – Oliver
  • Mr Holt is good at Go-Karts – Bobby

Any Further Comments?


  • I am excited for September – Ryan
  • I loved the summer school – Olivia
  • I think I will really enjoy St.Bedes – Nuala
  • Thank you for making me have a fun experience at our summer camp – Jose
  • Bedes Is amazing and I can tell that I’ll fit in. Science is my favourite subject – Jessica
  • I loved my time here and it is a great school. Thank you to all the teachers who taught me- Emily
  • GRITTY Summer school gives a good look into school life – Vincent
  • Would come again – Emma
  • Mr Holt is not the king of Go-Karts – Grace
  • Mr Holt is a loser in Go Karts – Hannah

Comments from Parents

The girls were ‘buzzing’ when they came home yesterday, they really enjoyed their first day of GRITTY Summer School, sounds like they had a lot of fun and more to come.  So, a big thanks to you and the other staff who’ve taken a week out of their holidays to organise and supervise.

Our son and daughter are really enjoying the “Gritty School” they come home and are really enthusiastic in telling us what they’ve done each day. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to those teachers and staff that are running such a successful event.

I would like to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff involved in organising and running the summer school this week.
My daughters Maya  and Rosie loved every minute of it.
Rosie has made lots of new friends this week and cannot wait to join Saint Bede’s in September.
I hope all the staff enjoy a well earned summer break.
Many many thanks to you all for all your hard work throughout the year.

What things have you learnt about on the Media Camp?

Filming and how to be a better actress

How to film and film angles

How the media /film  industry works and how movies and stuff are made.

Camera angles, how movies are made, what to look for in trailers and more

How to develop my ideas and explain/pitch them in front of people

How have you shown GRITTY skills and attitudes this week?


  • By being positive and making new friends – Ryan
  • I have acted different every day getting better at being kind – Olivia
  • Yes by being committed to my work – Nuala
  • By helping out – Jose
  • Yes I have, I’ve been independent, respectful and brave and I’ve made many friends – Jessica
  • I have done several tasks on my own and had nobody to help me – Emily
  • I wrote a speech independently – Vincent
  • I made the tallest spaghetti tower – Charlotte
  • When I was playing football and I was on the floor and go back up again because I remembered growth mindset- Oliver
  • Trying Hard – Emma
  • I have shown tenacity by keeping coming back to learn more – Oliver
  • I have been Independent – Bobby
  • I beat Mr Holt on the Go Karts – Grace
  • Shown it is my world – Hannah



What activities have you enjoyed?

  • I have enjoyed Science because of the experiments – Ryan
  • Baking because I love food and it was fun – Olivia
  • Baking because it was quite challenging – Nuala
  • I have enjoyed rounders because the teachers and the year 9s made it an enjoyable sport and time. – Jose
  • I have enjoyed science since we got to do experiments and have fun! – Jessica
  • I have enjoyed science because I enjoyed looking through microscopes – Emily
  • The iodine clock was very fun – Vincent
  • The bouncy castle – Charlotte
  • Football, science, bouncy castle and English – Oliver
  • Rockets, Marshmallows and Spaghetti, Activities – Kate
  • Marshmallows and spaghetti tower build/I could eat the marshmallow – Emma
  • I have enjoyed many things but my favourite was the go karts because I won a lot – Oliver
  • Bouncy Castle because it’s fun – Bobby
  • Go Karts because I am  the best – Grace
  • Bouncy Castle, Watched Mr Holt lose – Hannah


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