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Year 11 Parental Guidance 2021

This page is dedicated to providing as much support to our Year 11 pupils, parents and carers over the coming important months.
You will find information about the Year ahead, key revision techniques and strategies, SEN information and a message from both Mr. Denton and Mrs. Longson (Miss McGee).
Just so you know where to go to access the correct information please see the summaries and links below.

Firstly , Mr. Denton’s message explores how the adoption of GRITTY skills in Year 11 will help and support pupils navigate the year and achieve success during the year.

Secondly, Mrs. Longson (Mcgee) message explains the support, help and opportunities that will be available to Year 11 this academic year.

Thirdly, there is a presentation from Mrs. Turpin which explores the preparations for the next steps after leaving St Bede’s. It outlines the colleges and organisations that can be contacted.


Fourthly, there is also a presentation on the teenage brain by Mr. Morgan. This is an engaging, informative and useful insight into the thought processes of many in Year 11.

The-teenage-brain-Year-11-Guidance-Evening (1)

Fifthly, the message from Miss Harris outlines the support for pupils with additional educational needs and the provision of pastoral and well being support.

Pupil support – SEND and Emotional Well Being ( EWB)

Finally, there are three GRITTY Study skills presentations.
The first is an introduction to 10 general elements needed for successful study skills.


The second is an introduction to the very significant impact of Retrieval Practice on revision, memory and success in learning.

GRITTY Memory skills Year 11 study skills Retrieval practice

The third is a summary of additional memory techniques that have proven to be useful to help pupils commit information to memory.


We are here to guide our Year 11 through this year and as such should pupils, parents or carers require any further information, support or advice we would encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Good luck, work hard and enjoy your last year here at St. Bede’s