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Year 10

I am delighted to introduce you to St Bede’s Catholic High School. We are one of the highest performing schools in the area, with a great history and an exciting future ahead. We are heavily oversubscribed and the demand for places at St Bede’s is ever increasing. Our vision is simple; we are striving to create a world class Catholic education that encourages our students to want to make the world a better place. We underpin this vision with values of love, faith and hope.

When people walk through our doors, they often comment on the warm welcome they receive and the family feel they experience around our school. As a Catholic school, we value love for each other, our environments and ourselves. Students, regardless of background or religious denomination, enjoy a transformational faith education based on gospel values. In our lessons, extra-curricular programme and relationships, we seek to instil a sense of great hope for the future. Our students leave us with a spiritual and moral grounding which offers them confidence to challenge what is wrong in the world and peruse their own dreams. Our school community looks to change aspirations for the future to real expectations.

Teaching and learning is at the centre of all we do at St Bede’s. To that end, there is a weekly drive to develop our practice. As a staff, we look to constantly plan, implement, monitor and review our practice in order that we are successfully preparing aspirant and resilient students for the 21st century. We recognise that adult behaviours underpin the relationships that exist at St Bede’s and we do all we can to ensure that these relationships are positive and conducive to a highly successful school environment.

We recognise our role in the wellbeing of everyone within our school community. We support our students through a bespoke education which supports not only academic development but also an understanding of personal, social, emotional and health development. To that end, our students are deliberately and systematically offered guidance in the development of personal strength and resilience.

Our parents and guardians often have a long affinity with the school. Many of them attended St Bede’s as students. They will rightly challenge us the maintain and improve the very high standard of education that has become synonymous with St Bede’s. In addition, when we need their support, we know we have a strong base from which to call upon. We never underestimate the special relationship we have with our parent body.

At St Bede’s we have the highest aspirations and expectations for ourselves, our students and our school community. Like any school, we know there is always room for improvement and we are our own harshest critics. However, our past students, local community and those who come into contact with St Bede’s recognise that this is a special place with an exciting future.

Should you wish to visit St Bede’s or discuss any of the above, please do contact us to arrange an appointment.


Mr P Denton BA (Hons), MA, NPQH

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