Religious Education is given great value at St Bede’s and our department bases its vision on our whole school ethos that we are all part of God’s creative process; providing the opportunity for each individual to flourish in order to serve the Common Good.

It is our aim to plan and teach lessons that pupils enjoy, to enable them to achieve success through developing a range of different skills and to achieve and make progress according to their own personal starting point. We aim to develop the whole person through the vital and valued work that we do.

Religious education plays a central part in the life of our school. We provide opportunities for all pupils to engage with the deepest questions about life. We encourage investigation and reflection by the pupils and we aim to develop appropriate skills and attitudes which promote informed and full responses to God’s call in everyday life.

The RE team comprises 3 full time members of staff. The Department has three newly refurbished classrooms and is very well resourced. We employ a variety of teaching and learning styles and enhance and embed transferrable skills. Our students experience a wealth of knowledge in a variety of different ways, including questioning, investigation, enquiry, philosophy, debate, dialogue, role play, as well as meditation and reflection.

Marking and assessment is in line with our whole school polices and progress is consistently evident at both key stages.

Contribution to St. Bede’s SMSC Development Spiritual

A key role of Religious Education is to foster and develop in pupils the skills and attitudes necessary to encounter, experience, appreciate and enable growth in the spiritual dimension of their own lives. Spiritual formation in St Bede’s is based upon and finds its source in the Mission Statement;

“That we are all part of God’s creative process; promoting the opportunity for each individual to flourish in order to serve the common good”.



Both in KS3 and KS4 moral issues are an integral part of the RE Curriculum.
Through exploration of this wide variety of issues pupils will explore, key moral and ethical principles; study and appreciate religious impact on moral behaviour, explore their own and contemporary moral codes and evaluate moral and ethical decisions. Moral and ethical formation grows out of and is based upon the values found within the Christian Gospel and the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.



Through a variety of experiences and teaching and learning styles, pupils explore and reflect upon their relationships (through the use of away days and retreats, role play, etc.). Pupils are required and encouraged by the RE curriculum to reflect upon their unique nature and the affect of relationships upon groups and individuals. Through the normal interaction of everyday school, pupils develop personal and social skills. Through the use of Critical skills group program they develop skills of how to work successfully with others in a group.



In KS3 pupils discover and explore a wide variety of cultures. This exploration takes place through the investigation and appreciation of various Christian traditions and 3 World Religions. At KS4 Pupils investigate the variety of Christian responses for moral and ethical issues.

KS3 Curriculum

Key Stage Three Religious Education is a successful and vital part of the curriculum at St Bede’s. We aim to promote an enquiry based curriculum that forms an excellent foundation for GCSE study as well as enhancing and embedding a wide variety of skills.

In Year seven our students explore the concept of Community and Belonging, the Church and the worldwide Church, symbols, Baptism, as well as the Bible and its importance and relevance. They also learn of the festivals in the Christian Calendar, reconciliation, as well as developing greater understanding about the Jewish faith, its origin, cultures and rituals.
In year eight, our students enhance their learning in year seven, with topics such as; Life at the time of Jesus, who Jesus was as well as analysing Jesus in Art. They also explore the Temple at the time of Jesus, as well as a range of historical facts. Human rights play a large part, as our students learn about the life of Oscar Romero. They explore the concepts of conscience and sin, ethical teachings of Jesus, Creation, as well as exploring the life of Oscar Romero. They also study in some depth the Islamic faith.

In Year 9 the students study a third world faith and one that prepares them for GCSE. As St. Bede’s is a Catholic school we follow the ruling of the Bishops of England and Wales and study Judaism as the second religion in the GCSE course. We therefore spend during the Christmas term of Year 9 studying an Introduction to Judaism. They gain a knowledge of the areas they will study in more dept at the end of Year 11, just prior to the GCSE exam they will sit in this subject.

It is our responsibility to make conscious and concerted efforts to ensure that the spiritual needs of pupils are not only recognised, but fulfilled. Throughout key stage three pupils are encouraged to share and reflect upon their own views, whatever stage they may be on their journey of faith. Opportunities for reflection in or outside of classroom learning are an important part of the curriculum at Key Stage Three as we continue to embed the diocesan requirement of People of God at KS3.


KS4 Curriculum

The GCSE course offered at St. Bede’s is the Edexcel Religious Studies (Specification A). The students sit two exams at the end of Year 11. There are no tiered papers in GCSE Religious Studies, all students sit the same paper.



Grades 7-9   35% 

Grades 5-9   70%

Grades 4-9   77%

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