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St Bede’s Personal Development Curriculum

The Personal Development Curriculum embraces the strands SMSC, Citizenship, Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), RSE and Careers Education and Guidance (CEG).

“St Bede’s, we believe that we are part of God’s creative process, providing the opportunity for each individual to flourish in order to serve the Common Good.

That we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

That the ultimate role model for being a full human being is the person of Jesus Christ.

As a school community we are active in taking responsibility for others, those in our community and those in need around us locally, nationally and internationally.

We will nurture the growth of each pupil in our care through the artistic, academic, creative, practical, social, moral, physical and spiritual aspects of school life.”   St Bede’s Mission Statement.

Within St Bede’s there is a shared responsibility and a coordinated approach to successfully deliver the pupils’ personal development programme.  This is achieved through a combination of events days, such as retreats and shorter suspended timetable activities, organised by the Curriculum Leader for RE, CIEAG coordinator, chaplain, SLT (lead on Personal development) and teaching staff. Personal development themes are also explored through cross curricular lessons, assemblies, guidance and support systems, special projects and other events that enrich pupils’ experiences.  All pupils actively participate in all areas of the Personal Development Curriculum either within their form, year or specifically selected activity groups.  The Personal Development Curriculum views all areas of its curriculum as a way of enriching pupils’ experiences, specifically through developing positive attitudes and values. The GRITTY curriculum is a fundamental aspect of the personal development programme.


RSE and PHSE programme

Year 7

RSE day – Puberty, Family Relationships (including diverse family units) – Bereavement.

Retreat: Welcome, Identity, Belonging and Community

PHSE lessons: Online safety, Healthy eating and exercise, Road safety, First Aid Bullying, Wellbeing – stillness and meditation.

Year 8

Retreat – Identity, Group role, Vocation and Careers guidance

PHSE lessons: Online Safety, CIAEG, Resilience, Wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyles, First Aid

Year 9  

Retreat – Global Awareness,

Financial Awareness activity day.

PHSE lessons: Online Safety / Sexting and the law, Aspirations, Mental Health, Bullying- Prejudice, discrimination and racism, Health/drugs and alcohol awareness.

Year 10

RSE day: Sexting/Pornography, STI and Sexual Health, Consent and Healthy Intimate Relationships, Contraception, Body Image and Personal Well Being- 

Year 10 Enterprise Week

Retreat – Living with Integrity, Personal Identity (the real me), Asylum Seeker encounter, Personal Moral Compass, Media & Body Image,

PHSE lessons: Online safety (online relationships), CIAEG, GRITTY Study Skills, Equality for protected Characteristics (LGBT+), Bullying, Mental health and Wellbeing.