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Key Stage 3

All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 receive one 50-minute music lesson per week.
The scheme of work challenges our students to not only understand different styles and genres of music but requires them to explore, discuss and demonstrate this understanding in creative ways. They are challenged in all lessons to be able to demonstrate understanding and creativity through listening, performance, composition, through collaboration with their peers and through evaluation of their own work.
The music curriculum at St. Bede’s goes far beyond what is taught in lessons, for whilst we want students to achieve the very best examination results possible, we believe our curriculum goes beyond what is examinable. As a department we offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for those students who want to develop their musical skills and abilities beyond a classroom curriculum.


Key stage 4

The specification requires candidates to develop their ability in performing, realising and composing, and to develop their listening and appraising skills. The syllabus is based on four areas of study. Across these areas of study, students will study music from the past and present, from the western tradition and other world cultures. The areas of study also provide opportunities for candidates to further their understanding of musical styles of their own choosing.
The areas of study are:
Area of Study 1 My Music- Spotlight on your instrument
Area of Study 2 The Concerto through time
Area of Study 3 Rhythms of the World
Area of Study 4 Film Music
Area of Study 5 Conventions of Pop

These areas of study are assessed in 3 units:
Unit1: Integrated Task 30%
· One solo performance
· One composition for your instrument
· Non-examined assessment completed during the course
Unit 2: Practical Component 30%
· Ensemble Performance
· Board set composition task
· Non-examined assessment completed during the course
Unit 3: Listening & Appraising 40%
· A written paper, with CD. Aural recognition and context unheard/unfamiliar music from within the Areas of Study 2, 3, 4 & 5.



9 – 7     57%

9 – 4     100.0%


9 – 7     73%

9 – 4     100.0%


9 – 7     44%

9 – 4     100.0%

Department Members

Mrs A McMurray – Faculty Leader of Creative Arts

Peripatetic Teachers:
Sarah Monteith (voice & piano)
Mark Howard (Percussion)
Sean Geldart (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)
Paul Thomas (Woodwind)