Home Learning

Home Learning

Having to self-isolate does not mean that your learning needs to stop. On the right of this page you will see work that is set by each subject for every year group. Some of the work will be worksheets or tasks. There are also ‘live’ lessons that relate to your curriculum road map which you can access. Simply click on the links and follow the instructions.

Your teachers will also be setting work via Class Charts and many will invite you to their lesson ‘live’. You can access these lessons by checking your emails, where you will see invitations from your teachers. If you are not sure about how to access work or where to get work from, please contact your teacher, form teacher or year leader.

Remember to make your emails polite and clear. For example, use a subject like ‘Question about Y8 History’. Then start your emails with, ‘Dear Sir/Miss, I would be grateful if you could help me with the work you have set for our class…’.

In addition to your subject specific work, there is also a list of resources that will support English, Science and Maths if you click on the ‘Useful Home Learning Links’ on the right of this page.

If you have lost your Class Charts or email log-in, you can email admin@sbchs.co.uk to get the details sent to you. Again, remember to make your emails polite and clear!

If you have no access to a computer at home, please get in touch using the administration email above and we will aim to address the issue if we can. As you will appreciate we have limited electronic resources available but we can provide paper-based learning.

Please be mindful of the wellbeing of your teachers throughout this period. They will still be teaching some lessons in school, trying to help other classes and making sure you have work at home. So be patient and polite in your communication.

The basic message is, stick to your daily timetable and continue with your learning in this order;

1. Join a ‘live’ lesson via your teacher’s invite which will come through an email
2. If there is no ‘live’ lesson, complete work set on Class Charts.
3. If no work is set on Class Charts, use the work detailed on the right of this page to continue with your learning

Useful Home Learning Links

Maths Watch
Every pupil has a log in to Maths Watch and they can access work relevant to their stage in their learning.

English / Drama / Media
This is website designed by our English department. It contains resources to support KS3 and KS4 pupils.

Literacy intervention
IDL intervention can be found on the school website, under the “Key information, SEN” tab.

Science – Kerboodle
All pupils have access to Kerboodle, this is a Science based learning platform. Teachers can set work from here and pupils can use the online textbook, videos and resources to support them.
Other useful Science resources

MFL resources
This website is wonderful for playing games! It teaches you the words and then tests you on them in a variety of ways. As we have to pay for this website, you will need to log on with these details: Username: bede1, Password: 9938

Other useful MFL resource

Music – Year 10 and 11 pupils
The year 10 and 11 pupils use a fantastic app for music called music first/focus on sound…they should all have their logins

Food and Nutrition

SENECA learning
SENECA learning is an online platform for KS3 and KS4 that will allow pupils to access the suite of subjects available in school. It presents pupils with teaching materials and online assessment tasks. Pupils receive feedback and additional support on topics they have found more challenging.

Britannica Digital resources