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Home Learning

Home Learning

Work will be set by class teachers weekly for both Key Stages 3 and 4. Each Curriculum Leader will provide a brief newsletter outlining expectations of their teams in relation to the content and nature of work that is going to be set. We have asked our teachers to keep in regular contact with their classes, this can be done via email and their class groups that they are part of in class charts and Office 365. Pupils can access a link to their email addresses and class charts via the school website following the “Students” tab.

For the duration of this action teachers will set half termly assessments, as per the Teaching and Learning Policy, providing appropriate feedback to these. Assessments may take the form of an online test/quiz, written pieces of work, presentations or paper-based tests. For some subjects this may be more difficult, for example Art, Music, PE and DT. These staff may ask for pictures, videos or audio to celebrate the home learning that pupils have been completing.

As this time goes on we will continue to send out as many links to online learning platforms as possible, I have included some here. We will also ensure that resources will be provided on our website that supports the pupil’s education in response to the Churches Liturgical year, resources pertaining to the celebration of Easter are currently on our site.

If pupils complete work set by staff for that week, we would ask that they do not request further work. Staff will have provided work equivalent to the volume of work covered in a normal working week. If work is completed, we would suggest pupils learn independently using the sites provided below and other educational resources that are available.

Over the past few days all pupils have been reminded of their ClassCharts and email account usernames and passwords. Should they be struggling to access these platforms an email to will enable us to address the individual problems that exist.

If you have no access to a computer at home, please get in touch using the administration email above and we will aim to address the issue if we can. As you will appreciate we have limited electronic resources available but we can provide paper-based learning.

Please be mindful of the wellbeing of our staff throughout this period. They will do the best to support your child, but at the same time they are under unprecedented pressure like all key workers and families. Questions regarding specific work or problems with work can be directed to staff within the hours of 8.50am-4pm and staff will aim to respond within 48 hours. We appreciate your understanding with this.


To read more, click here to read the home learning letter 

Useful Home Learning Links

Maths Watch
Every pupil has a log in to Maths Watch and they can access work relevant to their stage in their learning.

English / Drama / Media
This is website designed by our English department. It contains resources to support KS3 and KS4 pupils.

Literacy intervention
IDL intervention can be found on the school website, under the “Key information, SEN” tab.

Science – Kerboodle
All pupils have access to Kerboodle, this is a Science based learning platform. Teachers can set work from here and pupils can use the online textbook, videos and resources to support them.
Other useful Science resources

MFL resources
This website is wonderful for playing games! It teaches you the words and then tests you on them in a variety of ways. As we have to pay for this website, you will need to log on with these details: Username: bede1, Password: 9938

Other useful MFL resource

Music – Year 10 and 11 pupils
The year 10 and 11 pupils use a fantastic app for music called music first/focus on sound…they should all have their logins

Food and Nutrition

SENECA learning
SENECA learning is an online platform for KS3 and KS4 that will allow pupils to access the suite of subjects available in school. It presents pupils with teaching materials and online assessment tasks. Pupils receive feedback and additional support on topics they have found more challenging.

Britannica Digital resources