The GDPR is new legislation regarding the maintenance and protection of your personal data by those who have a lawful basis to process it. St Bede’s Catholic High School’s lawful basis is ‘Public task’. This is because the processing is necessary for our official functions. For processing of additional data we will always ask your consent e.g. photography consent or trip consent. Our consent notices can be reviewed on this page. We normally ask for this information at the start of the school curriculum year.

The new regulation means that you have greater control of the data we hold. For example, you have the right:

• for your data to be rectified e.g. if you change address or telephone number
and you let us know, we will update our records.
• to request what information we hold about you

To continue reading, view our GDPR guidance documents below.


Click below to read our policies on GDPR:


GDPR Guidance 2018


Data Protection Policy


Parent Privacy Notice


Pupil Privacy Notice


Workforce Privacy Notice


Freedom of Information Policy


Recruitment Privacy Notice


Judicium Education Data Protection Award 2020