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Welcome to Drama

To study drama is to broaden the mind and extend our sympathies. Many of the skills learnt in this subject are transferable, skills such as memory and speaking skills. Students can expect to sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills, develop team spirit and learn to solve creative problems. All pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4 are encouraged to get involved with extra-curricular drama and are provided opportunities to perform in full scale musical shows, performing arts showcases, whole school masses and assemblies and events in the community such as the St Anne’s Christmas Carol Service.


Key Stage 3

The Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 allows pupils to share in the exploration of issues concerning humanity. Pupils will explore Drama from other cultures and develop their understanding of citizenship and personal, social and health education. Units at Key Stage 3 encourage pupils to build the skills and confidence necessary to study the subject at GCSE level. All pupils in Key Stage 3 at St Bede’s enjoy one Drama lesson per week.


Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama at St Bede’s follows the WJEC specification and allows students to engage in practical Drama, both scripted and devised, as well as providing a sound foundation in Drama theory, including units of work on Stanislavski, Brecht, Physical Theatre, Theatre in Education and Musical Theatre. GCSE Drama at St Bede’s will increase students’ confidence as well as teaching and developing speaking skills and practical performance skills.


Course Requirements

Unit 1 Controlled Assessment 1 Year 10, Devised Practical, Performance / Practical, Performance Portfolio.
Unit 2 Practical Performance from a Text – Year 11.
Unit 3 Terminal Exam – Year 11.



9 – 7     40.0%

9 – 4     86.7%

Department Members

Mr M Keown – Drama Teacher/Assistant Curriculum Leader of English

Curriculum Road Map

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