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Computer Science

Welcome to Computer Science

Computer Science is a dynamic and exciting department where pupils can stretch their imagination, learn new skills and challenge themselves in the world of technology. The curriculum is engaging and fun for learners.



In KS3 pupils are given the opportunity to study a broad range of Computing and IT topics in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their GCSE choices.

Topics covered include…

Scratch programming
E-Safety and using the Internet
Stickfigure animations
Movie making
Micro-bit programming
Flowol and control systems
Python programming



Pupils can choose to study GCSE Computer Science.
These are options and can be chosen separately or together.


Edexcel Computer Science

Component 1:
Principles of Computer Science (written examination) = 50%

Component 2:
Computer Based Exam = 50%


Course Content

  • Problem Solving – algorithms, decomposition and abstraction
  • Programming – develop code, coding constructs, data types and structures, input and output, operators, subprograms
  • Data – binary, data representation, data storage and compression, encryption, databases
  • Computers – machines and computation modelling, hardware, logic, software, programming languages
  • Communication and the internet – networks and security, the Internet and world wide web
  • The bigger picture – emerging trends, issues and impact

Computer Science 2019

9 – 7     27.8%

9 – 4     66.7%

BTEC National – IT OCR 2019

D2* – M2     0.0%

D2* – M1     57.1%

Department Members

Mr N Cookson  Curriculum Leader

Curriculum Road Map