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St Bede’s Art Department offers an exciting and inspiring curriculum where all pupils are able to express themselves using creative techniques.

Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, there is a variety of theme-based projects and a wide range of media and materials including drawing, painting, ceramics, textile design, photography and 3 dimensional design. As a department we strongly believe that every child is an artist and actively encourage all pupils to strive for excellence and build up their artistic skills over time. Our aim is to provide all pupils with a rich and varied experience which both engages and challenges.


KS3 Curriculum

In Year 7, pupils follow three schemes of work which introduce them to the basic elements of drawing, helping to develop confidence and individuality. Pupils are introduced to the drawing elements – line, tone, texture, shape, pattern, colour and form by using a variety of techniques and processes.

In Year 8, pupils build on the skills acquired in Year 7. Throughout the year pupils’ knowledge of Art gradually increases in complexity as they experiment with new media and materials. Pupils investigate the work of artists, designers and craftspeople and experiment with new ways of working in their individual sketchbooks.

In Year 9, pupils further develop their skills as artists. They are given a greater freedom to choose techniques and materials for their work making it more personal to them. Pupils develop a greater understanding of research and sequencing in Art which becomes more important if they opt for Art at GCSE.


KS4 Curriculum

The GCSE Art course follows the AQA specification in which pupils complete two units of work over Years 10 and 11.

Unit 1: Portfolio of coursework (60%)

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment (40%)

The GCSE Art course offers a broad and balanced curriculum in which pupils create coursework using a variety of media and processes. Pupils are then able to specialise in their strongest and preferred media for their final controlled assessment.


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9 – 7     16.7%

9 – 4     85.7%

Department Members

Mrs E Mitchell – Assistant Faculty Leader of Creative Arts

Miss H Byrom – Art Teacher

Mrs S Morris – Art Technician

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