Learning Support

About The Learning Support Centre

All staff at St.Bede’s, in both teaching and support roles, care for the development and education of
all pupils and are aware of the needs of the SEND cohort across the school and we are fully committed to helping
them overcome their barriers to learning.

We recognise that pupils do and could have additional learning needs at different points of their
education and high school experience. We believe that most pupils, who experience barriers to their
learning, can be helped to gain full access to the curriculum, can make progress and flourish in their
educational journey.

We believe that specific SEND provision for pupils on our SEND register can be managed and led in a
different ways:

  1. In whole class groupings with TA provision for the teacher and pupils;
  2. Dedicated 1:1, 1:2 or in small groupings that can support targeted intervention and support;
  3. Teaching and Learning Support with the deployment of experienced and qualified Teaching Assistants working alongside and with qualified and experienced subject teachers;
  4. Specific teaching groups led by Teaching Assistants, to provide teaching advice and suggest resources for pupils with additional learning needs which could be beyond what St. Bede’s maybe unable to provide in the mainstream school setting.

As part of our learning support provision we have a well managed Learning Hub to support and
facilitate teaching and learning within school. We offer a Pastoral Hub room for aspects of specialist
intervention, for example, English as an additional language support.

In addition to this, Mrs Harris is available as SENCo to support and advise all staff and parents of the
specialist learning support available. Mrs Harris has responsibility for the SEND pupils and line manages the TA
Team and whole school academic intervention.

More information can be found in our school’s Local Offer available on the website.

LSC Overview

  • To ensure that all pupils at St.Bede’s Catholic High School have learning access to a varied and well balanced curriculum
  • To provide clear SEND information to all the staff so the correct learning strategies and behavioural management intervention can be practiced in line with the SEND provision
  • To identify SEND needs and apply due process to those needs so pupils can continue to make educational progress and narrow the gap in their attainment
  • To complete assessments to help clarify learning barriers and /or learning needs and intervention.
  • To use the most efficient and effective methods of assessment that help for rapid and appropriate intervention of pupils
  • To make sure pupils on the SEND register take part in whole school events and extracurricular activities by actively promoting these events via school bulletins, school website and internal display boards
  • To maintain accurate records of information for all pupils with SEND, but also the SENCo is responsible for safe storage of information and can provide parents and external agencies with information upon request.
  • The Learning Support team are continually monitoring and intervening with SEND pupils and we endeavour to encourage these pupils to ask for guidance, support and help when they need it
  • SEND pupils are tracked very carefully as part of the whole school tracking process and within school procedures any causes for concerns are identified by Year leaders, Curriculum leaders and SLT and reported directly to the SENCo using appropriate communication methods
  • SEND pupils are involved with decision making and  pupils have clear opportunities at their annual review to discuss a variety of targets and decisions to support their learning
  • Year leaders have a clear understanding on ensuring pastoral support for SEND pupils and due to the Ethos of our school we are proud to celebrate the success of SEND pupils
  • The SENCo and her team are very experienced at multi agency working and we are very proud at the level of service we deliver in terms of statutory requirements but also in the creative aspects of SEND to offer a variety of intervention and support.
  • We apply procedures for SEND pupils to be assessed for external examination access arrangements using the appropriate guidelines
  • All the team have access to a wide variety of learning support materials and we have a variety of resources in the Learning Hub to help with Literacy and Numeracy support.
  • Specific training is offered to the Team in line with whole school Professional Learning Policy and we encourage Continuous Professional Development [CPD] via internal CPD, INSET and external training courses.

Still need to know more – contact Mrs D Harris on 01695 570335 or email d.harris@sbchs.co.uk

Learning Support

Mrs D Harris Assistant Head teacher/SENCo/Safeguarding Lead

Cover Supervisor Team

Mrs J Bennion
Miss J James

SEND Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs R Crompton - TA

Mrs J Hayes - TA

Mrs P Holt - TA

Mrs L Hughes - TA

Mrs J Sleight - TA

Mrs L Smith - TA

Ms L Oates - Specialist SEND support teacher



Pastoral Team - Year Leaders

Year 7 – Mr M Doolan

Year 8 – Miss J McGee

Year 9 – Mr P Lockyer

Year 10 – Mr J Cox

Year 11 – Mrs Wainwright

Mrs L Swann - Pastoral Manager  - Seclusion and Home Liaison

External Support:

SEND Services Commissioned by SENCo