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Here at St Bede’s, English teachers work hard with our young people to ensure they become literate, thoughtful members of the wider community with sound foundations not only for academic success but for life beyond school.

English at Key Stage 3

We think we have struck the right balance between preparing for the rigours of the new 9-1 English GCSE courses and the enjoyment of topics for sheer enjoyment’s sake. Right from the start of Year 7, our pupils engage with a variety of Learning Programmes which take them from historical, literary settings through to the world of 21st century media.

We are a Reading school and the reading habit is embedded with weekly "Stop, Drop and Read!" sessions in English lessons, a key feature of our Reading for Enjoyment policy, along with our Accelerated Reader software.

A wide range of extra-curricular events and programmes complement the learning undertaken in lessons and help to enrich our pupils’ school experience.

English at Key Stage 4

Pupils build on prior learning which provides the platform for excellence at GCSE. We follow the WJEC syllabuses for both English Language and English Literature where all pupils have always been entered for both qualifications. Consequently, we relish the challenge provided by the requirements of the new 9-1 GCSE curriculum orders and we feel that we have designed pathways which maximise learning and present opportunities for pupils to meet and exceed expectations for progress.

Please refer to the English Learning Programmes for more details.


GCSE Results 2016

A*-C English Language 89%

A*-C English Literature: 87%


Expected Progress

(3 levels) 86%


Better than expected progress

(4 levels) 40%


Better Still

(5 levels) 9%

The English Team

Mr N Belger Acting Curriculum Ldr and i/c Media Studies

Mr M Keown Acting Asstistant Curriculum Ldr and Curriculum Ldr of Drama

Mrs M Wren Subject specialist

and Literacy Coordinator

Mr C Abi-Aoun Subject specialist

Miss Z Letki Subject specialist

Mrs T Chadwick Subject specialist

Ms L Oates Subject specialist

Mrs T Cain Librarian

Learning Programmes

Year 7 Learning Programme,
Year 8 Learning Programme,
Year 9 Learning Programme,
Year 10 Learning Programme,
Year 11 Learning Programme 2015/16 , 2016/17

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