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KS3 - There is always something exciting going on in the music department.

All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 receive one 50 minute music lesson per week and rotate between Keyboard/Music Technology and group work topics.

The schemes of work studied are diverse and the skills of composing, performing, listening and appraising are developed through topics such as Song-writing, world music, film music, ukulele, samba and musical theatre.

Various assessment opportunities are built into the curriculum and all students have the opportunity to peer and self-assess to aspire to make at least better than expected progress.

The specification requires candidates to develop their ability in performing, realising and composing, and to develop their listening and appraising skills.

The syllabus is based on four areas of study. Across these areas of study, students will study music from the past and present, from the western tradition and other world cultures. The areas of study also provide opportunities for candidates to further their understanding of musical styles of their own choosing.

The Areas of Study are:

Area of Study 1 My Music - Spotlight on your instrument
Area of Study 2 Shared Music - Music Ensembles
Area of Study 3 Dance Music - Different times and cultures
Area of Study 4 Descriptive Music - Film and Programme Music

These areas of study are assessed in four units:

Unit 1: Integrated Task 30%
One solo performance
One composition for your instrument
Written Commentary

Unit 2:Practical Portfolio 30%
Performance in a group
One composition based on a task that you select
Composition Log

Unit 3:Listening Test 40%
Written exam in which you will listen to extracts of music and answer questions.
Learning outcomes

Studying GCSE Music gives pupils the opportunity to:

Actively engage in the study of different styles
Develop their own musical tastes
Evaluate their own and others' music
Develop as independent learners with enquiring minds

Music extra-curricular activities

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GCSE Results 2016

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3+ levels of progress      


4+ Levels of progress    



Mrs A McMurray

Faculty Leader of Creative Arts

What's Happening in Music?

The music department is buzzing with life as we rehearse every lunch time in preparation for a number of musical events. We have our first 'GCSE performance evening' coming up on Monday 3rd October, as well as rehearsing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for our next musical theatre production of 'Annie' which will be showcased in February 2017.

Music Extra-Curricular activities

All students have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, these include;

Monday - Year 7 Choir

Tuesday - Chamber Choir &  Boys' Group

Wednesday - Band

Thursday - Paris Choir

Friday - Senior Choir

Music peripatetic lessons

Peripatetic Music lessons - Students do have the option to have additional instrumental or vocal tuition provided by visiting peripatetic teachers. We currently offer...

Singing / piano – Ms Sarah Monteith

Guitar – Mr Shaun Geldart

Woodwind – Mr Steve Fazakerley

Percussion – Mr Mark Howard.

Please see Mrs McMurray for a sign-up sheet.

Learning Programmes

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