Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials is one of the specific strands offered by the school at GCSE that builds on the skills and knowledge developed during KS3 Design and Technology lessons. It allows pupils to design and make high quality products utilizing a range of materials and manufacturing techniques, including computer aided design and manufacture using our laser cutter.

Year 10 is primarily dedicated to improving practical skills and learning new techniques such as 3D modelling.
Year 11 is spent designing and making a product to be entered by pupils as their controlled assessment piece.

Course Overview

Unit 1: Written paper (40%)

Pupils studying Resistant Materials sit a 2 hour exam at the end of year 11 consisting of 2 sections. Section A is a design task that the pupils can prepare for in advance. Section B is a general exam covering areas such as;

  • Materials, components and adhesives.
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Design.
  • Health and safety.
  • Systems and control.
  • Industrial Practices.
  • Social, cultural, moral, environmental, sustainability and economic issues

Unit 2: Controlled assessment (60%)

Pupils studying Resistant Materials will undertake a single controlled assessment worth 60% of the final GCSE grade. This means that with hard work and dedication it is possible for pupils to have achieved a large proportion of their final grade before they sit their exam. The controlled assessment consists of a 20 page design folder covering all aspects of the design process including, analysis, research, generation of ideas, modelling (including computer modelling) and evaluation. The practical element of the controlled assessment is carried out after the majority of the design folder has been completed; pupils aim to produce a high quality piece from a range of materials. Whilst school will provide some materials, pupils who wish to use hardwoods or other specialist materials for their controlled assessment will be required to purchase them themselves.

Learning Programmes

Year 7 Autumn 1
Year 8 Autumn 1
Year 9 Autumn 1

Systems Control

Year 7 Autumn 1
Year 8 Autumn 1