Health and Social Care

GCSE Health and Social Care

Health and Social care is a qualification for those who would like to understand this broad area better and would like to progress to higher education. It offers valuable preparation for entering the world of work and is a useful life skill. The approach of the subject allows you to take ownership and responsibility as the work progresses.

You will have opportunities to gather both primary and secondary evidence from related organisations. Although each unit is taught and examined separately, they relate to each other and you will be able to see how it exists in the real world.

GCSE Overview

Single Award – Exam Board is WJEC

Unit 1: Health, Social Care and Children’s Services: Controlled Assessment with a choice of tasks set by WJEC: worth 60%, completed in year 10.
There are 5 topics taught in Unit 1 which are;

  1. The care needs of individuals
  2. Types of care services
  3. The ways of obtaining care services and the barriers to access
  4. The main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care and children’s services
  5. The principles of care

Unit 2: Human Growth and Development: Written paper 1 ¼ hours externally set and marked: worth 40%, completed in year 11. All questions are compulsory and targeted at the full range of GCSE grades. The paper will contain short structured answers in section A and free response answers in section B.
There are 4 topics covered in unit 2 which are;

  1. Human growth and development
  2. The factors affecting growth and development
  3. The development of self concept
  4. Life changes and sources of support

Learning Programmes

Autumn 1