Creative Arts Staff:


Mrs A McMurray -  Faculty Leader of Creative Arts

Mrs S Morris - Creative Arts Technician

Mrs E Mitchell - Assistant Faculty Leader of Creative Arts

Ms D Harris - Assistant Headteacher/DT Teacher

Miss H Byrom - Art Teacher

Miss H Wainwright- DT Teacher/Head of Year

Mrs Les Swan- DT Textiles

Mr Iain Swettenham- Resistant Materials


Creative Arts

Welcome to the Faculty of Creative Arts 

We believe that the Creative Arts are a fundamental part of the curriculum and we define them as Art, Music, Design Technology and Food Technology. 

We believe that the Creative Arts offer opportunities for our pupils to explore, express and communicate their feelings whilst gaining experiences of the wider world. 

Through their experience of the Creative Arts, children develop their creativity, self-esteem and confidence. 



The Creative Arts Vision

The fundamental aim of the Creative Arts Faculty is to raise standards by helping students to develop an enquiring mind and the technical skills to express themselves confidently and creatively, with feelings and imagination. 

By leading in good practice, we aim to provide a rich and diverse range of artistic opportunities in creative, visual and performance education which is shared and celebrated both across the curriculum and in our school community.