At St Bede's Catholic High School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to enable students to achieve academic success, build aspirations and prepare students for the next steps in their education, promote employability skills, meet statutory requirements, meet the needs and interests of all students, enable students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities to enable them to become effective lifelong learners and happy and successful citizens.


In Years 7, 8 and 9 students typically follow a broad and balanced curriculum consisting of 13 subjects. The time weighting given to the subjects is intended to support future learning demands of KS4. The subjects taught are: RE, English, Mathematics , Science, PE, Art, Computer Science, Design Technology, French, German, Geography, History, and Music.


In Years 10 & 11 the curriculum for each student is refined and personalised by allowing pupils to select 'option' subjects along with the statutory part of the curriculum. Where appropriate, pupils are encouraged to include a Modern Foreign Language and a Humanity subject in their portfolio of KS4 subjects.

Curriculum Statement of Intent

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CEIAG Curriculum 2018