Year 8



Caring for Your Child

Welcome to Year 8

My main focus is to ensure that all Year 8 students achieve their potential, are challenged suitably, and that they continue to enjoy their time at St Bede’s.

I would like to promote the Year Group or individual success outside of school. Please inform us to any activities that Year 8 students are involved in, so that we can acknowledge and celebrate these as a year group.

The partnership between home and school continues to be of importance in ensuring the best possible education for our pupils. My role as Year Leader will be to continue to support Year 8 pupils through their journey at St Bede’s. There are a number of opportunities to consult with me on any matter regarding the academic and pastoral education of your child. These include:

* Annual parents evening

* Informal contact by phone call – 01695 570335 and letters to form tutor

* Communication through the pupil’s planner

* Meetings arranged by appointment * Communication through email

We look forward to working closely with you in supporting your son/daughter during their time St Bede’s.

Thank you

Mr Cox


 Mr J Cox(Year Leader)
 Mrs L Oates(Arrowsmith)
 Mr C Gillon (Barlow)
 Mr N Belger (Campion)
 Mr C Aoun (Fisher)
Mrs A McMurray (More)