Year 11

Caring for Your Child

Welcome to the Year 11 page.

The journey through Year 11 is the most demanding one for our pupils.  Pupils must manage revision sessions, the pressures of controlled assessments and their final examinations all within nine months.

Challenge will be at the heart of every lesson over the coming months and each pupil will be expected to demonstrate a focused and keen work ethic to ensure they reach their full potential.  Good attendance is essential as every lesson contains vital information necessary for the final exams.  Along with good attendance, effective planning and organisation will be crucial to enable students to meet the challenges of a demanding workload.

Alongside important exam preparation there will still be time for pupils to get involved in other areas of school life. During the past four years our Year 11 pupils have shown excellent commitment to extra-curricular activities and I am sure this year will be no different.  Throughout Year 11 there are some new opportunities open to our pupils such as being a member of the Dream Team, prefect roles, senior prefect roles and being part of the prom committee.

As Year Leader I am keen to offer any guidance and pastoral care which the pupils may need and both pupils and guardians should not hesitate to approach me.  Along with myself, Year 11 has a wonderful form team made up of six form tutors who are dedicated to ensuring our Year 11 pupils are happy and achieving well in school.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support and look forward to a successful year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or any news about your child you would like celebrated. You can do so by ringing the school on 01695 570335 or by e-mailing me directly on


Miss J McGee


Miss J McGee (Year Leader)
Mrs E Gallagher (Arrowsmith)
Mrs A Reynolds / Mrs L Turpin (Barlow)
Mr M Keown (Campion)
Mrs L Swan (Fisher)
Mr A Rawlinson (More)

Important dates

Wednesday 5th October - Year 11 guidance evening

Monday 16th January - Year 11 mock exams begin

Thursday 23rd February - Year 11 parents evening