The Dream Team

Our faith inspires us to reach out to those in need. The Dream Team is a group of senior pupils who co-ordinate the charitable efforts of the school.

Supported by Miss Keyes, Miss James and Clare Guidi, the group meets on a weekly basis to discuss, plan and organise charity events within the school. Sometimes these are in response to a global disaster or emergency. We also have an annual cycle of events which include the making and delivery of Christmas hampers to elderly people and the Lenten Good Shepherd Collection, as well as B-fest. Since forming in 2010, our school community has raised around £20,000 for a variety of charities.

The Dream Team 2016

Rachel Pendlebury, Michael Bagordo

Grace Holland, Sophie Smith

Jessica Purcell, Mia Nicholson

Sancha Wheble, Laura Meehan

Scarlett Danher, Georgia Doyle

Christi Jackson-Hutton, 

Alex Holland

Ellie Burrows, Audrey Peneche

Siobhan Martin