Theresa May PM on her campaign trail

Posted at 9:44 am on 2nd May, 2017

Anthony Mc Mahon of year 11, was interrupted yesterday (bank holiday Monday) by a knock on his front door as he was sat at his table revising for his forthcoming exams. To his utter shock and amazement, the lady standing to greet him was PM Theresa May. She was in the NW yesterday campaigning for the forthcoming general election on 8th June and paid a visit to Ormskirk. When asked about his experience of meeting the PM he said “She asked me who my family were voting for; I was so shocked that it was her, I could hardly speak” he went on to say “She shook my hand and asked me which school I attended, she was very friendly, polite and very well spoken”. I think this is an experience Anthony and his dog Bobby will remember for some time to come.