Opening The Gates, Chapel Gallery

Posted at 4:09 pm on 9th October, 2018

Information for schools

Opening the Gates

                        An exhibition celebrating the centenary of women receiving the right to vote and the end of WW1.

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 Chapel Gallery

Saturday 6th October 2018 - Saturday 19th January 2019

Set against a backdrop of the First World War, Opening the Gates is an exhibition that tells the story of ordinary women in West Lancashire during the war years who were thrust into occupations previously only occupied by men and how, ultimately this, combined with Suffrage, led to those women gaining the vote.

Opportunities for schools

Guided tours, to experience and engage with the exhibits. Gallery staff will guide groups around the exhibition encouraging discussions and thoughts about what is seen. A number of worksheets will be available pupils to engage and interact with the displays. Guidance will be given on how to write a letter to a loved one, after reading an example war letter. Duration hours (4 Free session are available 1 – 2 hours Monday and Fridays, otherwise £50 fee).

Tour and a practical workshop - As above, this also includes a session facilitated by the Artist Gill Smith who was involved in developing the illustrations for this exhibition. Gill will provide a workshop looking at how to create a propaganda poster, looking at the power of advertising and posters. Recognising the importance of persuasive communication. 

(Fee £175 – resource packs will be provided to Teachers and pupils)


Booking Information

Self-guided tours – Free, however a booking form needs to be completed to book out the space.

Please note that it is advised that staff visit the exhibition prior to booking so they can tailor a visit to the experience they are looking for and meet curriculum objectives.

The tour and workshops can be tailored to meet either key stage 1, 2 or Key stage 3 requirements.

Any further information required or to book a visit please contact Chapel Gallery 01695 571328 or email