MFL Speaking & Listening Revision

Posted at 1:38 pm on 19th January, 2018

MFL Speaking & Listening Revision

The revision sessions will be for both French and German and will run in N1 from 3.20 to 4.30 on the following dates.

Thursday 25th January

Thursday 1st February

Thursday 8th February


Wednesday 21st February

Wednesday 28th February

Wednesday 7th March

Thursday 15th March

Thursday 22nd March


GCSE Speaking exams commence 10th April 2018


The listening revision will be an independent study session to be completed whilst you are waiting for your speaking appointment or have finished that part of the session. You will be able to access a variety of listening material and past papers. You will need to bring your text book and a set of headphones.

The speaking revision will be an opportunity for 1:1 practice. You will be able to practise the role play and photo card or the general conversation – it will be your choice. The speaking revision slots are limited to seven per session, so you will need to sign up on the sheet outside N5. Each week there will be a role play and a photo card which you may take away to prepare prior to your revision appointment.


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