Memories of the 3rd of September 1956

Posted at 6:50 am on 24th October, 2016

Memories of Mr Noel Delaney aged 13 on the 3rd September 1956

My first day at St Bede’s and the first day of St Bede’s Catholic High School Ormskirk.


On the first day some twenty of us came from St John's Burscough, with our Headmaster Mr O'Brien.  We made our way to St Bede’s. After being greeted by our new Head Mr Collinge, who told us what he expected, we were given a tour of the school.  Then we were given lunch and plenty of play time to get to know others. During days 2 and 3 we were given exams to see what grade we were at.  On day 4 we were given our grades. I was grade 3A the lowest, 1A being the highest.  On the Friday were told our form teacher would be Mr Walsh, and where our classroom  base would be.   At end of my time in St Bede’s I left on a Friday and started work on the following Monday at a cake factory in Burscough. 

Mr Noel Delaney