French Theatre Comes to St. Bede’s

Posted at 12:17 pm on 25th November, 2016

On 17th November  the Onatti Theatre Company came to St. Bede’s and performed “Shipwrecked en France” for Year 7 pupils. This was a fast-paced comedy about an English boy called Tyler who is on holiday in France. Tyler gets lost on the beach in his dinghy and has to find his way back to his parents and his hotel – unfortunately, no one speaks English. Tyler soon begins to wish that he had paid attention in his French lessons at school! With the help of some interesting characters he meets and lots of audience participation, he manages to survive his ordeal and re-joins his parents, but only after disguising himself to avoid arrest!


Year 7 enjoyed the performance and participated enthusiastically, by suggesting useful words and phrases in French and some of the pupils even became extras – inflating the dinghy and having a surfing lesson!

french play1.jpg french play3.jpg french play2.jpg



  Here are some photos and some comments from pupils...

“Incredible! A great way to teach kids French!” Josh
“Exciting and I learned a lot of French.” Daniel
“Great interaction with the audience!” Kristian
“I could watch it over and over again. It made me laugh out loud.” Lucy
“I liked the music and the background.” Guy
“I liked the way loads of pupils got to participate.” Olivia
 “It was fun!” Hayden