End Of Year Letter 2017

Posted at 8:56 am on 21st July, 2017

21st July 2017


Dear Parent/Carer


As we approach the end of the academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your investment in the children of St Bede’s and our school community. It has been a pleasure to enter a school community that has so many parents, students and staff who feel genuinely proud to be a part of it. The 60th anniversary celebrations are the perfect example of this connection between school, home and community. A special thank you goes to the Friends of St Bede’s who voluntarily give so much of their time to the school. Without their efforts there would be no grand celebrations or small gifts such as the Year 11 scarves which were so gratefully received.


The school’s staff, whether they be support staff, teachers, governors, site staff or administrative staff, have worked extremely hard this year and I know I speak on behalf of Mr Horrocks when I say a big thank you to every one of them. Several parents having contacted me to share thanks and appreciation for the staff of St Bede’s and I have passed all of these thanks on to the staff collectively and individually. Although colleagues work without expecting special thanks, it does mean an awful lot when they receive acknowledgement of their efforts. I see on a daily basis how much your children matter to our school family in both an academic and personal sense. We are excited to welcome our new Year 7 students in September. They have already had a marvellous introduction to the school thanks largely to the efforts of Miss McGee and her year team.


You may remember in my first letter to you, I spoke of my daily drivers being love, faith and hope. I am delighted to say I have seen so many examples of these virtues in our school community. The love shown for the school by all those who helped arrange our 60th anniversary celebration was incredible. It allowed former students to return and talk of their love for St Bede’s. In addition, I have seen love through the small things in school like children holding doors, saying good morning and helping out at the elderly persons’ tea party. There have been incredible shows of faith through our whole school mass and our trip to Liverpool Cathedral. I have seen children living their faith in the way that they treat each other every day. Finally, there is hope abounding at St Bede’s. Not only in the superb enterprise week organised by Mrs Turpin but in the endless efforts of staff to open the student’s eyes to the exciting future ahead of them.


When we return next year, I will send you all a copy of our school improvement plan via email. It will also be on the website for you to review. I hope that this will give you an understanding of where we are looking to develop St Bede’s over the coming academic year and beyond. You will see we will continue to develop the basics of teaching, learning and outcomes. However, we are also determined to support the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our students and staff. All of this will be underpinned by the fundamental purpose of any Catholic school which is offer a transformational education which leads to spiritual development and enrichment.


We are also wishing some of our staff well as their time working at St Bede’s comes to an end. Mr Jones, Mrs Ghosh and Mr Feeney have been with us for a relatively short while but have supported the school well during their time here. Mrs Milligan has had a longer association with the school and we wish her well in her new job. We say goodbye to Miss Letki who goes on maternity leave. Mr Grant is leaving our IT technician team to move on due to a promotion. Finally, we say goodbye to Mr Jarvis who is retiring after over 20 years of service to the school. I know there will be many former students and staff that will have benefitted from the many years of service that Mr Jarvis has given to the school. For all our departing staff we hope that their time at St Bede’s is something they look back at with fondness.



As we all embark on our summer break, let us also spend a moment remembering members of our school community; staff, students and parents, who are having a difficult time. There are those in our community who need our support as they deal with bereavement, the illness of loved ones and personal challenges. Let us pray that all within our school family know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.


I hope you have enjoyed the blogs which should have kept you up to date with a range of activities going on in school. You can also now follow us on twitter (@stbedes1957) to get daily updates during the school year. There will be posts on twitter relating to exam information when we get near to results day in August along with relevant information for returning to school in September.


From all at St Bede’s, I wish you a restful summer during which we can spend precious time with family and loved ones. I will leave you with this prayer from an unknown author:


A Summer Prayer
Long warm days...
The pace of life slows...
A time for picnics and rest in the shade...
Lord, help me to rest awhile
in the cooling shade of your presence.
Slow down my restless heart and fill me
with gentle compassion for all your people. Amen.

- Author unknown



God bless,


Mr P Denton,

Head of School