Staff at St Bede's

Staff List September 2019

Mr C Abi Aoun English
Miss K Adams Teaching Assistant
Mr P Basquill Science
Miss L Baxendale Catering Assistant
Mr N Belger Curriculum Leader of English
Mrs E Bennett Finance Officer
Mrs J Bennion Cover Supervisor
Mr J Blundell Assistant Site Supervisor
Mrs S Brookes Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science
Mrs J Brown School Chaplain
Miss H Byrom Art
Mrs T Cain Library Assistant
Miss S Caldwell Maths
Mr S Caygill Curriculum Leader of Science/Lead Practitioner
Mrs H Cheston Admin Assistant/Cover
Mrs A Clare Curriculum Leader of Geography
Mr N Cookson Curriculum Leader of Computer Science
Mr J Cox Science/Year 11 Leader
Mrs A Crompton Science Technician
Mrs R Crompton Teaching Assistant
Mr P Dawson Curriculum Leader of PE
Mr P Denton Headteacher
Mrs J Dickinson Reprographics/Catering Assistant
Mr M Doolan Maths/Year 8 Leader
Mr J Ely Network Manager
Mr W Emmett Premises Manager
Ms L Farrelly Science
Miss L Ferries English
Mrs E Gallagher Modern Foreign Languages
Mr C Gillon Assistant Curriculum Leader of Maths
Mrs S Goodfellow Finance Assistant
Miss G Gray PE/SSCO
Mrs A Guy Catering Manager
Mrs C Haigh Admissions/Exams Officer
Miss D Harris Assistant Headteacher/SENCO/DT
Mrs J Hayes Teaching Assistant
Mr A Holt Assistant Headteacher/History
Mrs P Holt History/English & Teaching Assisstant
Mrs L Hughes Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Johnson Admin Assistant/Student Services
Mrs W Johnson Admin Assistant/Attendance
Miss G Kelly Curriculum Leader of RE
Mrs R Kenny English
Mr M Keown Assistant Curriculum Leader of English
Miss L Keyes RE
Miss G Knell Catering Assistant
Miss Z Letki English
Mr P Lockyer Science/Year 10 Leader
Mr S Marston-Yim Cover Supervisor
Miss L McDowall English
Miss J McGee PE/Year 9 Leader
Mrs A McMurray Creative Arts Faculty Leader
Mrs E Mitchell Assistant Leader of Creative Arts
Mr I Molyneux Senior Assistant Headteacher/Maths
Mr D Morgan Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Morris Creative Arts Technician
Mr M Oakley Science
Mrs L Oates English
Mrs E O'Rourke Receptionist
Mrs A Reynolds Curriculum Leader of Geography
Mrs J Roberts Curriculum Leader of History/Lead Practitioner
Mrs L Rooney Science Technician
Mrs E Scott Curriculum Leader of Maths
Mr J Shepherd Assistant Headteacher/Pastoral/PE
Miss A Skidmore RE
Mrs J Sleight Teaching Assistant
Mr L Smith IT Technician
Mrs A Southworth Business Manager & Finance Director, ALSSIT
Mrs L Swan Pastoral Manager
Mr I Swettenham Maths
Mrs H Tangeman Catering Assistant
Mr V Teixeira Rebolo Assistant Site Supervisor
Mrs L Turpin Geography/PE/Careers
Miss J Taylor Assistant Business Manager
Mrs H Turton Catering Assistant
Mrs H Wainwright H&SC/DT/Year 7 Leader
Madame C Williams Modern Foreign Languages
Frau D Williams Curriculum Leader of MFL
Mrs E Wootten Assistant Catering Manager